The Midnighters wins the Jury prize for Best Feature at the San Francisco Indie Festival!

The Midnighters is an official selection of the Twin Cities Film Fest for 2017!

The Midnighters is an official selection of the 2017 Dances With Films festival in Los Angeles

“Frequently funny, often sad, The Midnighters is never tedious; it is too full of gallows suspense.”

Stage and Cinema

The Midnighters is an official selection of the 2017 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

The Midnighters is an official selection of the Buffalo International Film Festival 2017!

“A character actor for well over three decades, ample everyman Leon Russom finally gets a role worthy of his soulful on-screen prowess and in The Midnighters it’s a sight to be seen”

Jason Coleman, Why So Blu?

The Midnighters wins Best Screenplay at the Phoenix Film Festival!

“The dialog is crisp in the best tradition of a David Mamet film.”

Mark R. Leeper, Rotten Tomatoes

The Midnighters has been selected to play the 2017 Naperville Independent Film Festival where it is nominated for best actor (Leon Russom) and best director (Julian Fort)

“Even though Fort sets his film in the present, his well-crafted crime drama harkens back to gritty affairs from the 1970s…”

Jeff Mitchell, Phoenix Film Festival

“Julian Fort and Leon Russom Pull Off The Ultimate Indie Heist”

AMFM Magazine

“The Midnighters is an impressive first attempt at a full-length feature film creating a true crime thriller.  Great editing, skillful direction, and a more than competent cast elevate this film to a competitive level.”

Reel Honest Reviews

“Infused with the essence of Michael Mann, the film holds no punches… Peppered with amazing supporting characters, this film is a gem on the festival circuit and it’s only a matter of time before it gets picked up for distribution.”

Ben Cahlamer, The Movie Revue